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    Biden awards Medal of Honor to 4 soldiers for Vietnam War heroism
(The Associated Press) President Joe Biden on Tuesday bestowed the nation’s highest military honor to four Army soldiers for heroism during the Vietnam War, bravery that he said had not diminished even with the passage of time.
    AT&T, 26 other companies join Air Force’s $950 million JADC2 effort
(C4ISRNET) More than two dozen companies including a division of AT&T Inc. are entering the competition to make real the Pentagon’s vision of seamless communications as part of a deal worth up to $950 million.
    Judges hear appeal to reinstate charges against corpsman in MARSOC manslaughter case
(Navy Times) Three military appellate court judges will decide whether to reverse the ruling of a lower court judge who dismissed manslaughter and related charges against a Navy corpsman in the death of a U.S. contractor in Iraq in 2019, citing unlawful command influence after a top Marine attorney made statements deemed threatening to military defense lawyers.
    101st marking first deployment to Europe in almost 80 years
(The Associated Press) Soldiers at Fort Campbell are having a ceremony Tuesday to mark deployment to Europe, the first time 101st Airborne has deployed to Europe in nearly 80 years.
    Pentagon ends blocking of abortion-related sites on computer networks
(Military Times) The Pentagon has quietly lifted a longstanding ban that prevented troops and civilians from searching for abortion-related terms on the department’s computer networks, a move that follows the Supreme Court’s landmark decision to overturn Roe v. Wade last month
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    Your 2022 PCS Moving Guide
(Military Times) Here's what to expect during this summer's moving season. Plus a seasoned military spouse’s tips for a smoother move.
    Support veteran owned small businesses
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    Insurance and inflation: Here’s what you need to keep in mind
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Ukraine War
    Russian army turns Ukraine’s largest nuclear plant into a military base
(Wall Street Journal) Land mines and missile launchers are deployed at Zaporizhzhia, as cameras and instruments go dark and workers are held for ransom
    Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 133
(Al Jazeera) Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said air alerts rang out across almost all of Ukraine on Tuesday night as there were attacks in the Khmelnytskyi region of western Ukraine, the central region of Dnipropetrovsk, the border region of Sumy, and the Black Sea port city of Mykolaiv and its region
    High cost of Russian gains in Ukraine may limit new advance
(The Associated Press) After more than four months of ferocious fighting, Russia claimed a key victory: full control over one of the two provinces in Ukraine’s eastern industrial heartland.
    Russia’s offensive gains pace in Donetsk; focus shifts to Slovyansk
(Washington Post) After sweeping through Luhansk, Russian forces are now gaining ground in the neighboring Donetsk region. Both are part of the prized industrial Donbas heartland of eastern Ukraine that Moscow is seeking to control.
    1972 ‘Napalm Girl’ escorts Ukraine refugees to Canada
(The Associated Press) Phan Th? Kim Phuc, the girl in the famous 1972 Vietnam napalm attack photo, on Monday escorted 236 refugees from Russia’s war in Ukraine on a flight from Warsaw to Canada.
    Ukrainian governor urges evacuation of 350,000 residents
(The Associated Press) The governor of the last remaining eastern province partly under Ukraine's control urged his more than 350,000 residents to flee as Russia escalated its offensive and air alerts were issued across nearly the entire country.
    Finland seizes hundreds of Russian freight cars as EU sanctions bite
(Reuters) Finland has seized nearly a thousand freight cars belonging to Russian companies as a result of European Union sanctions, according to Finnish state-owned rail operator VR and a letter from Russia's rail monopoly seen by Reuters.
    New leader takes over at F-35 program office
(Defense News) The PEO is responsible for steering one of the most complex and vital programs in the Defense Department, the fifth-generation fighter flown by the U.S. Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps, as well as multiple international partners.
Congress & Politics
    State lawmakers have taken action to help veterans, and Congress is seeking to follow suit
(Forbes) The number of states exempting military pension income will soon grow thanks to the enactment of new legislation this spring in several states. On April 18, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R) signed HB 1064, Georgia’s first military retirement income tax exemption.
    Army’s education waiver reversal stuns applicants, splits experts on impact
(Army Times) Aiden, a housing- and food-insecure teenager living in Miami, remembers the excitement he felt when the Army recruiter gave him the news late last month: the service was beginning to enlist applicants without high school diplomas or equivalencies like the GED amid a horrible recruiting year.
    ‘Shining’ actor Joe Turkel, a WWII Army veteran, dead at 94
(Stars & Stripes) Brooklyn-born actor Joe Turkel, best known for playing spooky bartender Lloyd in “The Shining” and an android maker in “Blade Runner,” has died at 94.
    The Navy is paying $100,000 for tips on smuggling drugs and guns in the Persian Gulf
(Task & Purpose) Are you a smuggler or do you know one? Do you know about transporting guns and drugs into, say, certain countries near the Gulf of Aden? Do you want some money? If you’ve answered yes to those questions, then here is a proposition from the U.S. Navy: Provide some information that leads to the seizure of illicit cargo and the Navy will pay you up to $100,000. What could possibly go wrong?
    Missile sub drills show how special operators would get to the front line in a fight against china
(Business Insider) Recent drills involving U.S. Navy submarines and Marine Corps special operators in the Pacific and the Mediterranean highlight an overlooked insertion and exfiltration method that would be relevant in a conflict with China.
    Thousands of San Diego military children on daycare waitlist as navy scrambles to address need
(The San Diego Union-Tribune) San Diego Navy officials are scrambling to alleviate the shortfall of child care providers for the more than 4,000 military children waiting for spots in its base daycare centers, according to Navy Region Southwest officials.
    Navy searching for case of missiles that fell off helicopter into Pacific Ocean
(NBC News) The Navy is searching for a case of missiles that fell off of a helicopter into the Pacific Ocean last month.
Marine Corps
    A Marine’s Bronze Star offers insight into US troops’ heroism during the Kabul evacuation
(Task & Purpose) It’s been nearly a year since thousands of U.S. troops pulled off a miracle by rescuing more than 120,000 people from Kabul after Afghanistan fell to the Taliban, but the heroism of American service members during the harrowing evacuation is just starting to be recognized.
    Double amputee marine returns home for first time since deadly kabul bombing
(The Sacramento Bee) Marine Sgt. Tyler Vargas-Andrews is home after spending the past 18 months at Walter Reed National Medical Center in Maryland learning to live as a double amputee after a suicide attack outside the Kabul airport left him severely injured. That August 2021 attacked killed 13 U.S. military service members assigned to a humanitarian mission and at least 170 Afghan civilians, marking the chaotic end to America's long war in Afghanistan.
Air Force
    USAF demonstrates first highway landing, take off and ICTs
(Air Force Technology) The US Air Force (USAF) has performed the first landing, take-off and integrated combat turns (ICTs) on a closed 9,000ft section of Michigan highway M-28, involving the Air National Guard’s (ANG) A-10 Thunderbolt II, Air Force Reserves’ C-146A Wolfhound and Air Force Special Operations Command’s (AFSOC) C-145A Combat Coyote, MC-12W Liberty and U-28A Draco.
    Military identifies World War II Army Air Force soldier from Ohio
(CBS News) The remains of Army Air Force Tech. Sgt. William F. Teaff, 26 from Ohio, who died after he was sent to a prisoner of war camp during World War II have now been positively identified, Defense Department officials announced Tuesday.
Space Force
    Space Force launches new intelligence unit as congress voices concerns over growth
( The Space Force has assumed command of a new unit that will be focused on keeping an eye out for foreign threats in space, but it comes as Congress is warning the small service branch that it has to prepare to slow its growth.
National Guard
    New reserve maternity leave policy issued by Pentagon 18 months after congressional order
( The military Reserve components and National Guard are rolling out new maternity leave policies, providing up to six days of inactive duty pay and retirement points for members who give birth, with the Navy being the latest service to outline its policies last week.
Military Culture & History
    5 awesome things to know about US Coast Guard history for its coming birthday
( The Coast Guard's 232nd birthday is on Aug. 4, 2022.
    How the ghost army of WWII used art to deceive the Nazis
(Smithsonian Magazine) Unsung for decades, the U.S. Army’s 23rd Headquarters Special Troops drew on visual, sonic and radio deception to misdirect the Germans
Cyber, Space & Unmanned
    US must invest in emerging tech to keep pace with China, Govini report says
(C4ISRNET) The U.S. government must commit to “meaningful” spending on emerging technologies to keep up with China and other competing nations, according to a report from data analytics firm Govini.
    Spain boosts military spending to close gap with NATO goal
(The Associated Press) Spain is increasing military spending as it works toward meeting a NATO commitment by dedicating 2% of gross domestic product to defense, the government said Tuesday.
    Russian parliament passes first vote on war economy measures
(Reuters) The Russian government will be able to compel businesses to supply the military with goods and make their employees work overtime under two laws to support Moscow's war in Ukraine that were approved in an initial vote in parliament on Tuesday.
    NATO signs accession protocols for Finland and Sweden as Ukraine faces shelling in east
(Washington Post) Members of the NATO military alliance took a major step Tuesday in their bid to welcome Sweden and Finland to the fold. Delegations gathered in Brussels to sign “accession protocols,” after which NATO members must ratify the two Nordic countries’ accession to complete their formal joining of the bloc.
    Myanmar hosts 1st regional meeting since army takeover
(The Associated Press) Myanmar’s military government on Monday hosted its first high-level regional meeting since the army took power last year, with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and counterparts from Mekong Delta nations attending.
    Tunisia buys 8 military training aircraft from US- defense ministry
(Reuters) Tunisia has bought eight military training aircrafts from the United States as part of a plan to renew the air force's training aircraft fleet, the defense ministry said in a statement on Monday.
    Blinken to meet China’s Wang, shun Russia’s Lavrov at G20 talks
(Al Jazeera) Top US diplomat will call on G20 nations to put pressure on Russia to reopen sea lanes blocked by the Ukraine conflict.
    Taiwan touts new air force advanced training jet's abilities
(Reuters) Taiwan's air force showed off its new locally designed and made jet trainer on Wednesday, touting the more advanced, combat-capable abilities of the aircraft that will replace aging and accident-prone existing equipment
    Miguel Etchecolatz, enforcer of Argentina’s ‘Dirty War,’ dies at 93
(Washington Post) The former police deputy remained defiant over the atrocities committed during the 1976-1983 military rule
    One million set to perform Hajj as COVID-19 restrictions ease
(Al Jazeera) International pilgrims will perform the annual ritual for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic began in March 2020.
    Explosive kills at least two UN peacekeepers in north Mali
(Reuters) At least two United Nations peacekeepers were killed and five severely wounded in northern Mali when a logistics convoy hit an improvised explosive device on Tuesday, the U.N. peacekeeping mission MINUSMA said.
    Colombia’s President-elect Petro calls for ELN talks, ceasefire
(Al Jazeera) The left-wing leader says he has sent a message that it is a ‘time for peace’ to the country’s last major rebel group.
    Nigeria's Barkindo, who led OPEC in turbulent times, dies at 63
(Reuters) The secretary general of oil producers group OPEC, Mohammad Barkindo, has died, the boss of Nigerian National Petroleum Corp (NNPC) announced on Wednesday.
Commentary & Analysis
    How volunteers can help defeat great powers
(Army Times) The vast majority of Ukraine’s volunteers would never pass the physical fitness tests of the U.S. Army. And yet earlier this year, they pulled off a feat almost unparalleled in modern warfare: they helped defeat one of the largest standing armies in the world and held the capital.
    Russia’s top war crimes against Ukraine
(ClearanceJobs) The images were horrifying. A crowded shopping mall in Kremenchuk, a city in central Ukraine, engulfed in flames after a Russian airstrike. At least 18 civilians were killed and another 36 missing; 58 more were wounded. More than 1000 people – police, rescue personnel, medics, and other volunteers – worked through the night sifting the rubble for survivors.
    Deterrence is not rocket science: It is more difficult
(National Institute For Public Policy) In a recent published article, two physicists offered remarks that illustrate a fundamental basis for the stark differences reflected in the public debate about deterrence.
    Stunned by UFOs, ‘exasperated’ fighter pilots get little help from Pentagon
(The Hill) In April 2014, four naval aviators narrowly escaped disaster. Just as they entered highly controlled airspace for a training exercise, their two F/A-18F fighter jets nearly collided with an unidentified flying object (UFO). To the frustration of dozens of their fellow aviators, such a near-catastrophe was inevitable.
    Equitable outcomes require understanding of ‘Social Drivers of Health’
(Federal Times) The onset of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic exposed critical inherent vulnerabilities in the U.S. healthcare system and highlighted the importance of equitable healthcare access. Despite the best efforts of essential workers and federal employees in response to the global pandemic, the government’s response fell short for many Americans.