Top 5
    Navy announces new NAVAIR and NAVSEA commanders
(Navy Times) Rear Adm. Dan “Undra” Cheever will become the next NAVAIR commander, and Rear Adm. James P. Downey will become the the next NAVSEA commander.
    VA change will lower home loan rates for some Native American vets
(Military Times) Native Americans using a special Veterans Affairs home loan program will see their interest rates slashed by more than half as part of a new inititative to make housing more affordable for them.
    Navy follows Army in offering prep courses to recruits who don't meet fitness, academic standards
( The Navy is now offering recruits who do not meet fitness standards a chance to get in shape before boot camp in an effort to expand the pool of young Americans eligible to serve.
    North Korea fires cruise missiles as allies stage drills
(The Associated Press) North Korea launched cruise missiles toward the sea on Wednesday, South Korea’s military said, three days after the North carried out what it called a simulated nuclear attack on South Korea to protest its military drills with the United States.
    Armed Russian jets have flown over a US base in Syria nearly every day in March, US commander says
(NBC News) Lt. Gen. Alexus Grynkewich told NBC News that Russian jets have violated the airspace of At Tanf Garrison roughly 25 times this month, including Wednesday.
Helpful Resources
    Your 2023 Military Times Pay and Benefits Guide
(Military Times) Whether it’s health care, retirement benefits, commissaries and exchanges, family support, VA loans, GI bill education benefits or the plethora of other benefits, maximizing the options available to you is essential to making the most out of your military career.
    Tricare fee increases for 2023 revealed
(Military Times) Tricare costs are going up for some, depending on the beneficiary's status.
    A guide to 2023 open enrollment season for federal health benefits
(Federal Times) We’ve compiled the latest information about the online marketplace to buy health insurance for next year.
    Russia warns US not to fly over Black Sea, honors pilots who forced drone to crash
(Stars & Stripes) The Russian military on Wednesday warned the United States not to fly more drones over the Black Sea, where an American unmanned aircraft was harassed and damaged by Russian fighter jets and forced to crash.
    Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 393
(Al Jazeera) The president of the Czech Republic, Petr Pavel, said he expects Western support for Ukraine to decline over time, German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung quoted him as saying. “If support from the USA dwindles, support from a number of European countries will also dwindle. Ukraine must take that into account,” Pavel was quoted as saying.
    Russia is dusting off ancient tanks as losses mount in Ukraine
(Task & Purpose) The Russian military has lost more than 1,800 tanks since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine.
    Russia-Ukraine war threatens to trigger new nuclear arms race
(Wall Street Journal) Russia is suspending application of one of the last arms-control treaties still operating, and China’s growing nuclear arsenal is free from any constraints.
    Ukraine, pumped up by Western weapons, is held back by slow deliveries
(Washington Post) While President Biden has pledged to stand with Kyiv “for as long as it takes,” Ukrainian officials, Western diplomats and analysts warn that the help is simply taking too long to arrive.
    A look at the uranium-based ammo the UK will send to Ukraine
(The Associated Press) Russia threatened to escalate attacks in Ukraine after the British government announced it would provide a type of munition to Ukraine that Moscow falsely claims has nuclear components.
    Pentagon’s No. 2 civilians fire back in ‘woke’ wars
(Defense One) “There's been no detraction from the primary mission,” Navy Undersecretary Erik Raven told dubious GOP senators.
    Up our game: The Pentagon’s 3 strategies to shore up munitions stockpiles
(Breaking Defense) With the war in Ukraine raging, missile and other munition production seems like a sure bet. But the Pentagon knows industry is wary of getting burned should attitudes change and is trying to offer novel reassurances.
    Pentagon is pressed on worsening recruiting shortfalls
(Washington Post) The recruiting problem is particularly acute in the Army, which set a lofty goal of a half-million active-duty soldiers a few years ago.
Congress & Politics
    Lawmakers propose civilian cyber reserve to bolster DoD and DHS
(Defense One) Bipartisan bills aim to allow the agencies to bolster cybersecurity by recruiting skilled civilians to serve as reservists.
    Not just Ukraine: GOP splinters on Iraq war repeal
(Politico) Gone are Republicans’ uniformly hawkish days under George W. Bush — party support to repeal war powers reflects a GOP that has grown more non-interventionist.
    Soldier, 3 children killed in mass shooting at sergeant major’s home
(Army Times) An Army civilian employee killed a U.S. Army Central soldier and three children at his ex-wife’s home in Sumter, S.C., around 11:30 p.m. Tuesday, according to Army and law enforcement officials.
    Army football players showcase talents before NFL scouts at pro day
(Times Herald-Record) On the biggest showcase day of his football life, Kwabena Bonsu still had to go to class: sociology of the family.
    Fort Bragg soldier charged with murder in death of fellow soldier
(Army Times) Authorities have charged a soldier from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, in the fatal Jan. 18 shooting of another soldier, local law enforcement said in a release Monday.
    His mom is suspected in the deaths of 2 romantic partners. He says he’s been waiting for her arrest his whole life.
(NBC News) Sarah Hartsfield, an Army veteran who has been married five times, fatally shot a man in 2018 and it was ruled self-defense, but authorities re-opened the case after her husband's death in January.
    Soldiers can now steer robot dogs with brain signals
(Defense One) A small sensor tucked neatly behind the ear allowed soldiers to mentally guide robotic quadrupeds.
    Slow your roll: Army plans reduced buys for some key combat vehicle fleets
(Breaking Defense) Service FY24 budget documents unveil plans to buy fewer “light tanks,” M88 recovery vehicles, and halt upgunned Stryker procurement in the outyears.
    Navy selects first woman to serve as CMC of Combined Maritime Forces
(Navy Times) The Navy this month selected the first woman to serve as the senior enlisted leader of U.S. 5th Fleet’s Combined Maritime Forces, the largest naval partnership globally.
    Research ship that found famous WWII wrecks damaged in Scotland dry dock, several injured
(USNI News) A Navy research vessel tipped over while in dry dock in Edinburgh Wednesday, according to local reports
    Navy official defends lower enlistment test requirements as lawmakers raise concerns about service readiness
(Stars & Stripes) The Navy’s second-highest civilian leader on Wednesday defended the service’s recent decision to accept lower scores on its entrance exam as lawmakers worried the move would hurt Navy readiness.
    The tragic, conflicting and now politicized tale of a US sailor sitting in a Japanese prison
( Navy Lt. Ridge Alkonis was driving his car, filled with his wife and their three children, down from the heights of Mount Fuji on May 29, 2021. It's an iconic destination for both Japanese and foreign tourists alike, a peak that serves as a sentry over much of central Japan.
Marine Corps
    Small device containing explosive disappears from Marine helicopter
(Marine Corps Times) The helicopter part contained approximately 0.16 ounces of TNT.
    Marine Corps’ unfunded list topped by $1.7B amphibious warship
(Breaking Defense) At least one key lawmaker has already said he will push to fund amphibious shipbuilding regardless of the White House's budget request.
Air Force
    Air Force ‘mobility teams’ are rapidly moving cargo to remote Indo-Pacific sites
(Stars & Stripes) The risk of war with China is spurring the U.S. Air Force to create “air mobility teams” charged with dispersing quickly to deliver cargo to far-flung spots across the Indo-Pacific.
    The Air Force is rebuilding its Pacific plans around the B-21
(Defense One) A “daily flyer” bomber that’s also an intel-and-communications hub will make the entire service less vulnerable in a potential war with China, officials say.
    Air Force IDs 2 new GOP candidates whose military records were improperly released
(Politico) The military branch notified House Republicans that a total of seven congressional candidates in 2022, all in their party, had personnel material released without authorization.
    Yokota airmen’s underground mapping software wins Air Force innovation competition
(Stars & Stripes) Underground mapping software developed by airmen at this airlift hub in western Tokyo took first place at a competition aiming to promote innovation and creativity within the Air and Space Forces.
Space Force
    US Space Force seeks $16 billion to track hypersonic missiles
(C4ISRNET) The U.S. Space Force said it needs nearly $16 billion over five years to keep building a new class of satellites that can track missiles moving at hypersonic speeds, more than twice the previous forecast.
    In a $3 billion bet, Space Force envisions tactical anti-jam SATCOM keeping enemy EW at bay
(Breaking Defense) The Space Force's goal is to create a resilient SATCOM architecture by using multiple types of satellites with better encryption and dispersed over various orbits to flummox adversary jamming attempts — with US national security planners fully expecting sophisticated electronic warfare attacks against satellites in future conflicts.
Coast Guard
    The Coast Guard renewed a mariner’s ability to work at sea after he was accused of rape. Now, the agency is trying to keep him off ships
(CNN) More than a year after a student told the US Coast Guard she was plied with alcohol and raped by her boss while training at sea, the agency is going after her alleged assailant’s ability to work on commercial ships.
National Guard
    Six options considered for renaming Louisiana National Guard facility that honored Confederate general
( Camp Beauregard, the sprawling Louisiana installation in Pineville that functions as one of two main sites for the Louisiana National Guard, will get a new name later this year as it follows the Army’s lead in moving away from bases named for Confederate officers.
    Florida aims to bolster National Guard with incentive program
(NewsNation) Lawmakers in Florida are aiming to help the state’s National Guard bring in more troops, part of a national trend that pays people who recruit potential enlistees.
Pay & Benefits
    Boosting enlisted pay to boost recruiting? Nope.
(Military Times) Military service officials say they’ll use a mix of bonuses and other financial incentives, instead of raising enlisted pay, to meet this year’s recruiting goals.
    DoD to offer tax-saving child care accounts, other benefits for troops
(Military Times) Dependent care flexible spending accounts, which help defray the cost of child care by providing tax savings, are coming for active duty service members.
Your Military
    The US military will fight the next big war with Xbox-style video game controllers
(Task & Purpose) At least two next-generation weapons systems the U.S. military is investing heavily in ahead of the next big war are operated in part through Xbox-style video game controllers.
    VA rolls out new mental health scholarship as need increases
( The Department of Veterans Affairs launched a scholarship program last week aimed at recruiting mental health and counseling professionals to underserved facilities across the country.
    Iraq War veterans reflect on struggles, pain
(ABC News) "Nightline" spoke with Iraq war veterans 20 years after they were among the first troops deployed to the conflict.
    Why 200,000-plus servicemembers and veterans are suing 3M
(CNBC) More than 200000 military servicemembers and veterans are suing 3M claiming its Combat Arms earplugs failed to protect them.
Education & Transition
    This controversial, for-profit college has received $1.6B in GI Bill funds, the most of any school
(USA Today) The University of Phoenix has continued to receive more GI Bill funding than any other institution of higher learning, despite its history of government scrutiny for misleading military veterans.
Military Culture & History
    Marine son of astronaut Willie McCool tested on ‘Naked and Afraid’
(Military Times) Veteran Marine officer Sean McCool was looking for a way to reconnect with himself after serving as a combat engineer who twice deployed to Iraq.
Cyber, Space & Unmanned
    NRO awards 6 study contracts for hyperspectral satellite imagery
(Breaking Defense) Hyperspectral sensors can “see” what materials a surface is made of and identify individual elements in the surrounding atmosphere. For national security purposes, hyperspectral imagery could for example detect evidence of chemical weapon production and/or use.
    Startup’s 3D-printed rocket delivers stunning night launch but fails to reach orbit
(CNN) Startup Relativity Space sent what it’s calling the “world’s first 3D-printed rocket” toward space on Wednesday, vaulting it into the upper reaches of the atmosphere. Though, it suffered an engine issue after launch and failed to reach orbit.
    US Navy rejects China claim that warship ‘illegally’ entered part of South China Sea
(The Guardian) China’s military said guided-missile destroyer USS Milius intruded into China’s territorial waters near the contested Paracel Islands
    US imposes fresh sanctions on Iran’s drone procurement network
(The Associated Press) The U.S. said Tuesday it is imposing a new round of sanctions on Iranian firms and people accused of procuring equipment used for drone manufacturing.
    US transfers trio of Navy coastal patrol boats to Egypt following joint training
(Stars & Stripes) The U.S. Navy transferred three of its coastal patrol boats this week to Egypt, deepening security ties between the two countries after a recent visit from Washington’s top diplomat.
    UK begins inquiry into army’s ‘unlawful killings’ of Afghans
(Al Jazeera) An independent team led by a senior judge will investigate whether UK forces carried out extrajudicial killings of Afghan civilians from 2010 to 2013.
    US judge orders $1.68 bln payout to families over 1983 Beirut bombing
(Reuters) A federal judge in New York ordered Iran's central bank and a European intermediary on Wednesday to pay out $1.68 billion to family members of troops killed in the 1983 car bombing of the U.S. Marine Corps barracks in Lebanon.
    Russia boosts defenses near Japan amid US row over Asia Pacific
(Al Jazeera) Moscow’s move comes after high-level visits by rivals China and Japan to both sides of the Russia-Ukraine war.
    Along the Volta, African commandos train to battle terrorists by land and sea
(New York Times) Troops clad in black jumped out of motorboats near a riverside resort and made their way along a wood-slat fence to their objective: a building where terrorists had seized a high-level government official.
    Ex-New Zealand soldier who helped veterans dies in Ukraine
(Washington Post) A former New Zealand soldier who co-founded a charity to help struggling veterans has been killed in Ukraine, authorities said Thursday.
Commentary & Analysis
    China can wait. The Army’s focus should be Europe.
(Army Times) While DoD focuses on deterring China with Army support in Asia, the Army should center itself on deterring and defeating Russia in Europe.
    What are America’s goals in Ukraine? It’s not totally clear
(Task & Purpose) It’s not actually clear whether the US wants Ukraine to defeat Russia.
    Why the US will probably never ban TikTok
(Los Angeles Times) The world’s most downloaded app appears to be in hot water. The Biden administration demanded last week that the Chinese-owned TikTok be sold or else face a national ban in the U.S. due to security and privacy concerns, and the TikTok CEO will testify about these issues before Congress on Thursday.
    Thinking big with small drones: An allied approach to swarming
(War On The Rocks) NATO has taken a combined approach towards defending against drones. Now, it should show the same collaborative effort in deploying them.